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Whether you have only just heard of Essential Oils and are wondering what on earth they are, you know about them and want to get your hands on them, or you want to make Essential Oils your business - you have come to the right place!

We have experienced amazing health benefits from using these beautiful oils, and we would love to empower you to do the same. So if you're interested in sustainable + ethical living, enhancing your wellness and detoxifying your home - keep on reading!  

You will discover the incredible benefits of dōTERRA Essential Oils, and how you can welcome these pure therapeutical grade essential oils into your life.

We Use These Pure Gifts Of The Earth To Support Our Family

Our lives changed back in 2016 when we received 5 little samples of dōTERRA Essential Oils. Just two days later we came down with a cold. Instead of buying regular cold and flu tablets, we applied oregano oil topically, and made a lemon, ginger and honey drink. Within a day, our symptoms were gone! It was amazing! Oils like Easy Air, On Guard and Oregano have been absolute lifesavers, and we have been able to fight off several colds since! The demonstration of the power of these oils was instant and from that moment we were sold! We've never looked back! They really are drops of divine goodness.

Since discovering dōTERRA, these oils have found their way into our hearts and become a part of our everyday life. We use them in our food and for emotional support. We love them because they are the natural solution for all our household cleaning and personal care needs!

So now we're so excited to share their gift with you. We are so grateful to have these invaluable, completely pure + natural tools to allow our family to thrive and prosper!

 That's our family to the left! Matt, Nat and our little man Harvey!

So What Are Essential Oils Exactly?

How We Use dōTERRA Essential Oils

These incredible gifts from Mother Nature have so many uses! We use them to detoxify our home, as natural remedies, to support our emotions, and to help us live a purer, healthier, happier life.

  • Natural Household Cleaning Products

    Say Goodbye to toxic bleach! It’s SO easy to make your own non toxic cleaning products using pure essential oils that have a divine fragrance. They are all natural, and they actually work! From multi-purpose cleaners, to mould remover to dishwashing liquid – all your household needs are looked after!

  • Natural Food Flavouring

    We have been taking our cooking to the NEXT level by flavouring the food with the oils. A little goes a long way, and 1-2 drops can transform your cooking. We love adding them to raw desserts (hello choc mint slice!) and to our curries (and so much more!). Prepare for party in mouth action.

  • DIY Beauty and Self-Care

    We love using the oils as an all natural perfume. They smell incredible, and are a perfect alternative to mainstream toxic perfumes. The oils have replaced make up remover, colognes, aftershave, skincare and toothpaste. Our skin is glowing and has never looked better (saving money while we’re at it)!

  • Natural Remedies

    From relief from an upset stomach, headaches, cold & flu, or from your babies teething troubles, these oils are amazing at helping our body get us back to a state of balance. They support our immune system as well as balance our hormones and nervous system. They also help us with focus, easing anxiety/stress, inspiration and creativity!

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Why We Choose dōTERRA

We are truly blessed to have found a company like doTerra. A company that is truly aligned with our beliefs and values. They are a conscious, ethical, soulful and pure company that help us spread the message of health, wellness and abundance. 

The products are actually better than organic, they're pure! No pesticides, contaminants, or fillers. They are the absolute best, purest essential oils on the planet!

We love their co-impact sourcing model and that they source the oils where the plants naturally thrive using ethical, sustainable practices and supporting farmers. Here’s a short video explaining a little more about how this system works. More info about the company can be found here.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Wholesale Account

You can purchase all of the dōTERRA essential oils and products at retail prices using our link ... however our top tip for you is to open a Wholesale account instead and you can SAVE 25-55% on your purchases! It is by far the smartest way to buy your oils!

Here's why having a wholesale account is so amazing:

  • You get 25% off the retail pricing – all products, all the time!
  • You simply pay a one off $35 fee for the first year OR purchase one of the enrolment kits and have this waived
  • There is ZERO monthly obligation with a wholesale account. That means no monthly minimum spend, and no monthly required order!
  • You have an option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points ... which means FREE oils - how good is that!
  • You gain eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month (which are always amazing!)
  • Your membership with dōTERRA allows you to share these beautiful oils with others (if you wish) and gain compensation and bonuses. 
  • dōTERRA creates your own personal virtual internet office site to place your orders. Ordering is easy and there is always someone to call (a real voice) to ask for help if you need it.

Click here to get a wholesale account and reap the incredible benefits.

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How to Purchase Your dōTERRA Essential Oils

Follow these easy steps below to start enjoying the benefits of these beauties

1. Click this link and then go to Join & Save (found in the top menu bar)

2. Choose your preferred language and shipping country (eg: Australia)

3. Choose 'Local (OTG) Order'

4. Make sure you option 'Wellness Advocate' is selected (Not Wholesale Customer). The Wellness Advocate membership will give you a minimum 25% off on all products + our support but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy.

5. Enter your personal information, shipping information, and contact information.

Under the section 'Enroller ID', ensure our number is entered: 3571589. Press verify: it should say 'Natalie Dillon'.

Create your password, read and accept online terms & conditions then press 'Continue'.

6. Add your kit to the cart (e.g. Home Essentials kit, or a custom order by adding the $35 fee then adding oils individually - there's no $35 if you get a kit)

7. Enter your credit card details and process your order

8. Look out for a welcome email from us!

Choose Your Enrolment Kit

We started with the Home Essentials Kit, as it comes with dōTERRA's 10 most popular oils which meets all your household needs! You'll also receive a beautiful petal diffuser. Prepare for your home to smell amazing!

The kit only costs you $330 which includes your enrolment packet, your wholesale membership account, your own site and private support from our oily community! 

Each 15ml bottle gives you 250 drops of oil. By comparison, the Essential Collection Kit (still a great budget friendly option) only includes 5ml bottles. In other words, the Home Essentials kit is three times better value, for less than twice the price (plus you receive a diffuser too)!

Below you will find all of the information on all of the types of enrolment kits. We can help you decide which of these kits will help suit your home and needs.

Not ready to buy a kit or the oil you need not in a kit? That's ok! You can put in a custom order. Just bear in mind that doing it this way means you'll need to pay the $35 wholesale account fee (there's no $35 if you buy a kit as your first purchase).

I'm Ready to Get these Beautiful Oils Shipped Directly to My Door!

Start a Thriving, Abundant Business With Us!

If you're 'oil obsessed' like us, then you probably find yourself start sharing your experience with these oils right now. We were so amazed at how good the oils are, we wanted everyone to know about them and help get them into their life!

If you feel the same, then there's great news: dōTERRA have an incredibly generous compensation plan designed to reward you for simply for sharing something you love with others. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone passionate about enhancing wellness, sustainable living and detoxifying your life! 

By becoming a dōTERRA wellness advocate, you can supplement your income, or even replace your income, by doing what comes natural to most of us: sharing and talking about these amazing essential oils. Better still, you get the oils at wholesale prices (25%+ off), get free oils each month, and earn bonuses based on your own level of involvement.

The truly incredible part is ....  you can have your own business and start building the dream life you want, RIGHT NOW! You can enjoy financial freedom and flexibility with your time. You get to make a positive impact on other peoples lives EVERY SINGLE DAY, all by sharing the incredible gift of wellness and abundance.

All you need to do, is simply decide you want this life and take action NOW! If you want to start your own Essential Oil's business and be a part of our team, we will support you and together we will co-create your dream life!

If this all sounds amazing to you: sign up for a wholesale account (see instructions above), and leave your details in the contact box below!

Enter your details below and start building a thriving, abundant business with us!

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Would You Like to Try Samples?

If you have never tried essential oils before, that's ok! We offer samples so that you can experience them first hand. To get your samples, just follow the link below!

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