Are you all aboard the Zoodle train? Or still wondering what the heck zoodles are?!

When we first heard that you can make pasta out of zucchini, we were like ‘are you crazy’?!

Then we tried it. It was magic! They look like noodles but are super healthy! Our love affair with zoodles began.

What are Zoodles?


Zoodles are simply noodles made out of zucchini! The zucchini is grated, spiralised or ribboned into pasta like noodles – a great replacement to those carb-heavy ones you buy in a packet from the supermarket.

Why Zoodles?

Discovering zoodles opened up a whole new world of Paleo cooking for us. All of those foods which we thought we might not be able to enjoy again were now suddenly available to us. Thats right: spag bolChicken Pesto Zoodle, meatballs, asian noodle dishes like pad thai – can all be made with zucchini!

Zoodles are fun to make and they taste amazing! Plus, it’s a great way to add an extra serve of veggies and nutrients into your meals. After eating a bowl of zoodles you will be feeling left light and satiated, rather than the heavy, bloated and sluggish feeling pasta can give you.

How to Make Zoodles


So how do you make perfect zoodles? Follow our steps below to make perfect zoodles every time!

1. Wash the Zucchini

Wash them thoroughly in cold, running water just before cooking.

2. Prepare the Zucchini

  • You can use a mandolin slicer, a julienne peeler or just a regular peeler to make zoodles.
  • You can peel them into zucchini ribbon zoodles
  • You can use your food processor to grate/shred the zucchini finely
  • Or you can spiralise the zucchini using a spiraliser gadget. This is our fave method to making zoodles. It’s super quick and allows you to get that authentic “pasta” look. We use a $19 spiraliser from Kmart and love it!

…If you’re using a Spiraliser

Slice the ends of the zucchini flatly and evenly. Follow instructions on your spiraliser machine or use the peelers. We like to keep the skin of the zucchini on.

3. Cook the Zucchini

There are a number of ways to cook zoodles. You can boil them, bake them, simmer in a sauce. But our all time favourite way is to sauté them in oil. Just follow our easy steps:

  1. Add coconut oil to a pan and heat on low-medium temperature.
  2. Add the zoodles and sauté for a a few minutes, gently stirring until soft.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Use as the base for your favourite sauce, or mix through the sauce right before serving

Our top tips:

  • Only sauté for a few minutes – you don’t want to overcook the zoodles as they may go mushy. This goes for baking or boiling too – cook them quickly!
  • Don’t put too many zoodles in the pan at once and overcrowd the pan. cook in batches if need be
  • If you spiralise your zucchini in advance, squeeze the excess moisture out, pat dry with a paper towel and sprinkle with salt before storing in the fridge

Different ways to enjoy Zoodles


Yum! We are drooling just imagining all of the amazing Zoodles dishes that we could make. Watch this space for some Zoodle recipes coming to the blog in the upcoming weeks!

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Nourishing Your Essence – always!

Matt and Nat




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    • Alicia Martinez

      My first time using a zoodle tool, I zoodled my finger instead (Ouch). I am now ready to try again, since healing. Thank you for the advice about using coconut oil. It gives me so much energy. Love the website!

      • Matt

        Hi there Alicia! Ooh no so sorry to hear about your finger 🙁 But happy you’re back into it again!

        So glad you’re loving our site!! That brings us so much joy!! What Zoodle recipe(s) are you going to make?

    • Candace

      Can you freeze them?

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