Who said essential oils were just for women?

Far from being just ‘nice smelling’, even the most blokey of blokes can benefit from essential oils in so many ways.

When I was first introduced to the oils I wasn’t so sure. I thought to myself ‘yeah sure they smell good, but what’s in it for me?’ But I did my research and more importantly, decided to give them a go! Over the past 12 months I have been clocking up powerful experiences with Essential Oils, so much so that I now can’t live without them. From help in overcoming man-flu, to being spared from horrible aftershave burn, to helping ease my stomach upsets there are literally hundreds of practical uses for these oils (including diffusing by the way – it turns out smelling the aroma of the oils can have a positive impact on your mood!). They’re also great if you’re thinking of reducing the amount of toxins you put in and on your body.

One thing I have learned is that not all Essential Oil’s are created equal, so it’s important to make sure that the oils you use are of the highest quality without any artificial fillers and sourced in an ethical way. That’s why I choose doTERRA essential oils. Not only are they 100% pure essential oils, they are sourced from where they naturally thrive and generously compensate their growers. You can find out more information on why we choose doTERRA by visiting our oils page here.

Putting the ‘Bro’ into doTERRA

Today I’m sharing with you the most common uses of Essential Oils for men, so they you can become best mates with them in no time! I truly believe ALL men can benefit from having these oils in their life – here’s how they can help you.

Post-exercise aches and pains

Whether you pump iron or play football, chances are your muscles are going to be sore for the next 1-2 days after intensive exercise. This is where ice-blue comes in. Think of this as your new tiger balm/dencorub – only completely chemical free! Once you rub it in, a cooling sensation hits you, which relieves muscle pain. That means your free to bounce back and get back to your life!

I have used this rub countless times post exercise, but most recently it came in handy after doing an epic charity stair climb for my 30th birthday! After climbing 112 stairs 30 times I was quite sore! I rubbed the ice-blue cream on my legs and it brought me relief soon after, so I was no where near as sore as I thought I would be!

You need to boost your performance when exercising

In an age where we’re flooded with energy boosting supplements such as caffeine tablets, energy drinks, glucose powder and gatorade, one oil was shown in a recent study to improve athletic performance amongst healthy university students. That oil is peppermintThe study found that ingesting a bottle of water with peppermint essential oil led to the subjects achieving: 50 percent more work, 20 percent more power, and took 25 percent longer to reach exhaustion than when they exercised without peppermint. These across the board improvements are indicators that they had increased respiratory efficiency as a result of ingesting peppermint essential oil.

I personally have found that inhaling peppermint before exercise gives me that burst of energy and focus that I need! It’s super refreshing and energising, and has so many other uses too! Add a drop under your tongue to freshen your breath naturally, or add a drop to your water to help aid digestion or take a whiff to help open up your airways.

If the work you do requires deep concentration, then Peppermint is also an amazing way to help focus and/or bust through procrastination along with Wild Orange. These oils work so well together to enable me to boost my motivation and focus so I can then concentrate on the task at hand. I make up a roller bottle so I apply to my temples whenever I need. I like to call this the ‘get shit done‘ blend.

Struggling with a headache? Peppermint is also helpful in relieving that tension! Or if you tend to get more intense pressure, you can try a blend called ‘Past-tense‘ – this is super powerful but works for me when I get sinus congestion and/or feel like my head is about to cave in.

After that dodgy kebab/huge night on the booze

We all make poor choices sometimes, be it bad food or having too much to drink. If you find yourself in this situation, ‘Digest Zen’ can help.

Rubbing this oil on your stomach when you feel indigestion, nausea or heart-burn produces almost immediate relief. I have quite a few food intolerances (mainly gluten and dairy), and this particular blend comes everywhere with me as my stomach is super sensitive! Ginger is the main ingredient in this blend which has long been known for it’s ability to support the digestive system. For me, it works wonders every time. Better still, you can blend it in with fractionated coconut oil and put into a roller bottle, for easy application (it even fits in skinny jean pockets!).


Not many things knock a guy down, but flu is definitely one of them. But again, it’s oils to rescue. My favourite thing to do when I’m struck down, is to make a hot flu-buster drink. Just mix On Guard, Lemon and Ginger essential oil with hot water and a spoonful of honey. On Guard is known for it’s immune supporting qualities, while lemon and ginger can assist with removing toxins. Since using the oils, my experience has been that colds and flus do not last anywhere near as long as they used to, so it allows me to get on with life! If if you’re super dragged down by flu, you can up the ante by rubbing oregano (mixed with coconut oil) onto your feet for some added immune support.

After you’ve gashed your face 1,000 times while shaving

Shaving used to be an ordeal for me, but while the act of shaving is not my favourite thing in the world, these days I don’t have to worry about the horrible pain that comes with splashing aftershave on my face afterwards. Now, lavender and tea tree essential oils do the trick for me. All I do is rub one drop of each oil (plus coconut oil), and my skin is soothed. How? Both Lavender and tea tree work to cleanse and soothe irritated skin. No more rash, no more burns. Just smooth, soothed skin.

You have doubts that lynx cologne is having an effect on the ladies

We’ve all seen the ads. Man + Lynx = beautiful women (YEAH RIGHT!). Maybe you’re not a huge cologne fan, but it’s always nice for others who are in your company to smell nice. Or maybe you are trying to stay away from chemicals and synthetic fragrances – this is the perfect all natural alternative.  That’s why I came up with my own ‘bro-logne’ using Frankincense, arborvitae, wild orange essential oil. With its combination of earthy and citrus oils, you’ll feel grounded and uplifted throughout the day. You can go wild and make up your own blends too!

You’re stressed out or finding it hard to sleep

Sometimes life gets full-on and its hard to cope with all the demands life throws at us. So when I’m tearing my hair out due to a deadline or whatever else and I can’t switch my brain off at night, I turn to Lavender. Found to have sedative qualities and to enhance the quality of sleep in participants in this study, diffusing lavender in your room at night can help promote a more restful nights sleep. Struggling with stress during the day? Then an oil like Balance can really help ease anxious feelings and bring about a sense of calm. I turn this oil many times a day when I feel scattered or overwhelmed, and this blend of tree oils helps to get me grounded.

This is just the beginning!

There you have it, from aches and pains, to sickness, stress and even smelling nicer, Essential Oils have delivered for me in so many areas since I started using them, and there are so many different options you can use Essential Oils for men with!

If you’re keen to get these beauties into your life, you’re in luck! Most of these oils appear in doTERRA’s home essentials kit. Just follow our easy steps below to get your hands on them:

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Not ready to buy yet? No worries!

We believe that once you experience these oils first hand, you’ll see what all the fuss is about! You can request to try a sample of any oil(s) mentioned in this article by filling out the form – just click on this link!

Remember Essential Oil’s are for men too! If you are open to natural forms of health and wellness – these are for you!

Nourishing Your Essence – always!