Hi there! We're Matt & Nat, creators of Nourished Essence!

We are SO EXCITED that you are here!

We are a husband and wife duo, wellness warriors, self love advocates, whole food foodies, conscious creators, beach bums and parents to the most adorable 2 year old you ever did see!

We are on a mission to help you look deep within so you can find the courage and strength to challenge your old stories, move beyond fear and create a magical life!

We live in beautiful North Bondi, Australia, so when we're not creating magic in the kitchen or on the blog, you can find us down at the beach building sand castles with Harvey, or enjoying a smoothie at one of the many awesome healthy cafes in the area!

Aside from our son Harvey (he's our number one!) we go crazy over Essential Oils, DIY recipes, crystals, angel cards, yoga, float tanks,  any and all Personal Development - in fact you will see us reading one book, listening to another on audible, devouring a podcast and videos - all at once! We are life-long learners and love soaking up all the knowledge the Universe has to offer! Nat's into Natural beauty and Matt's a self-taught musician. We both love getting back to nature and life's simple beauties! Oh and travel - all of the travel!

We believe:

  • You have the power to change your life
  • Life is to be enjoyed, we are not here to suffer
  • Everything you think, say and do creates your reality
  • Mother nature is the purest form of medicine
  • In a holistic way of looking after yourself and living
  • You are enough and perfect, exactly as you are right now

We want to help you open up to a new way of living. A way of being deeply connected to your true self - your 'essence', free of limiting beliefs and fear.

This is the place to NOURISH yourself with our real food recipes, GET INSPIRED to shift your mindset and EMBRACE a holistic, connected way of living using mother natures plant magic -Essential Oils.

By Nourishing Your Very Essence, you get to step into the very best version of yourself.

Our Story

I Could Never...

When we took charge of our health back in early 2014, we looked healthier because we had dropped over 30 kilos between us, but the true transformation had occurred from within and was radiating out. We were bursting with energy, our skin was glowing, we had never felt better and it showed!

It wasn’t about how did we lose the weight, rather, why did we feel so good? But when we explained how it had all started with changing our diet, and how this has now become a lifestyle, the number one response: “Oh, I could NEVER do that!”

This became a mission for us: to turn the ‘I could never' around and empower people to make a truly transformative change in their health and their life, by sharing our simple message:

Anyone Can Change Their Life if They CHOOSE to

You CAN take control of your eating, your health, and your life .. you just have to CHOOSE to! Once you make that conscious choice, everything else will follow.

We have seen this with our own eyes, as we have helped many people achieve amazing results.It brings us so much joy to think about how we inspired:

  • A friend to change their beliefs around food and themselves - he is now fitter and healthier than he's ever been
  • A mum to conceive her second child by helping her embrace a real food diet
  • Numerous people to step out of their comfort zone and learn to cook new dishes with real food ingredients

We love sharing healthy recipes to show that real food can be seriously delicious and that choosing to nourish yourself every day is not restrictive, its actually liberating! Find out more here.

Health, Wellness and Abundance

We also started looking at other natural ways to support our health, aside from food. We wanted to reduce our toxic load, and have less reliance on medicine so that we can naturally thrive.

Then we discovered the magic of Essential Oils, and how we can use them as natural sustainable solutions for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We've had some powerful experiences and turn to them when we need emotional support, to boost our immunity, if we get a headache or muscle pain, to help us sleep better and for just about any situation we come across!

The truly incredible part is we now have our own business and are building our dream life as we speak. We get to make a positive impact on other peoples lives EVERY SINGLE DAY, all by sharing the incredible gift of wellness and abundance. We get to hear how mums whose family is sleeping soundly thanks to a simple drop of lavender. Or the person who used On Guard to fight off sickness naturally and didn’t have to take antibiotics. Or how people can now clean their house without creating a nuclear hazard zone. The list is endless and we are so grateful! Find out more here.

The Ripple Effect

It turns out that changing the way we ate and took care of our health created a ripple effect across our entire life. This one simple change opened the door to what kind of life we could have.

But the need to stay small, the fear of judgement or rejection have been a constant struggle for us. Why was this? We were 'doing' great things, but the slightest obstacle led us to withdraw and hide.

Then it became clear - it's not about what we do, it's how we feel about ourselves deep down that matters so much and shapes what we do in this life. We realised we have been living out the same old fear based patterns and they weren't serving us or anybody else.

Enter our exploration with personal development. We've incorporated so many things into our life to take on the constant threat of fear based beliefs and form new habits: EFT (tapping), yoga, floating, gratitude journaling and meditation.

Ultimately we realised two things:

  1. We need to completely love and accept ourselves no matter what
  2. We don’t have to settle – an extraordinary life is waiting for us, and that we can create our own destiny, and live life on our terms.

At Nourished Essence we're going to be digging deep and share with you what we are going through and what we do, think and say to overcome our limiting beliefs. In a way it's a choice between two programs: an old unconscious fear based program, or a new conscious program that leads us to a higher level of awareness.

Ultimately, we want to replace our (and your): “I could never do that!” to: “How can I do that?”. The first statement tells us to remain trapped. The second invites us to break free.

Find out what we discover in our blog section here.

A New Way of Living

We are all for you living your truth. Our mission is to help you move beyond your limitations and expand into your full potential - together!

This is why we are here: we want to help you overcome your old limiting beliefs so that you can become the best version of yourself.

We want to help you open up to a new way of living. A way of being deeply connected to your true self, free of toxicity and fear based thinking. We want to help you choose love and trust.

We do this by sharing delicious real food recipes, inspiring you to shift your mindset, and to teach you about a holistic, connected way of living through the use of essential oils and self-care.

Let’s do this!

Wondering Where to Start?

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