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Are you ready to Feel Nourished in Every Fibre of Your Being? We've created a brand new guide. 8 simple steps to Nourish Your Body + Mind + Soul.

How would you like to be able to enjoy the present moment, cultivate an attitude of gratitude or take better care of yourself by eating real food or to start using essential oils?

We have come up with 8 Simple ways to nourish your very essence – that is to say your body, mind + soul - so that you can step into the very best version of yourself.

We’ll give you the low-down on:

  • Taking care of yourself through self-care and self-love practices
  • Connecting with mother nature
  • The gift of present moment awareness and gratitude
  • How tapping on your face can remove long-held negative core beliefs
  • Nourishing yourself with real food and essential oils
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Meet Matt & Nat

We are Matt and Nat, the founders of Nourished Essence. Husband and wife duo, wellness warriors, self love advocates, whole food foodies, conscious creators, beach bums and parents to the most adorable 2 year old you ever did see.

We live in beautiful North Bondi, Australia, so when we're not creating magic in the kitchen or on the blog, you can find us down at the beach building sand castles with Harvey, or enjoying a smoothie at one of the many fine cafes in the area!

We believe that everything in life is a conscious choice. You CAN take control of your eating, your thoughts, your health and your life, but you just have to CHOOSE to! Once you make that conscious choice, everything else will follow.

We want to help you open up to a new way of living. A way of being deeply connected to your true self - your 'essence', free of limiting beliefs and fear.

You see, it's all connected - from the food you eat, the things you put on your body/skin, the thoughts you think, to the beliefs that you have. All these things team up to serve you and allow you to thrive or they will drain you and cause you to suffer.

Going beyond our limitations leads to a deeper connection with ourselves than ever thought possible: because you are so much more than the negative thoughts and feelings that you hold on to.

This is the place to NOURISH yourself with our real food recipes, GET INSPIRED to shift your mindset and EMBRACE a holistic, connected way of living using mother natures plant magic -Essential Oils.

By Nourishing Your Very Essence, you get to step into the very best version of yourself.

Nourish Yourself With Essential Oils

If you are looking to empower yourself with natural solutions and reclaim your health, there is no better way than through the use of essential oils.

They are absolutely the most effective, immediate way that we have found to shift our mood and state. We always say we are one inhale away from a better mood!

They also work harmoniously with the body to support health and vitality at cellular level. You can bet your bottom dollar that there is an oil that will support you in addressing practically any health/mood concern you encounter.

Common things the oils can support: anxiety, stress, energy, colds, inflammation, allergies, concentration, sleep, digestion, asthma, skin and SO much more!

We now use essential oils in place of store-bought products whenever possible. We are on a mission to have our home toxin free and it feels so good to know that the majority of our medicine cabinet along with tons of household and personal care products have now been replaced by these little bottles of plant magic.

“There’s an oil for that!” is our favourite saying - because truly - there is! 

The Essential Oils we use are the safest and purest essential oils available today. Not all oils are created equal and you want to make sure you are using the highest quality available! That means absolutely no fillers, pesticides, herbicides, or other contaminants. 

Learn how to create happy and healthier bodies and minds and discover how Essential oils can support you in leading a natural and holistic life!

You can read more by heading to our Essential Oils Hub here

Do you want to learn more now that you have heard about the amazing benefits of Essential Oils?

We teach Essential oil classes both online and in person.

Online: We host an introductory Essential Oils Class EVERY SUNDAY on facebook at 7.30pm. Learn all about natural solutions for your home, health and wellbeing - all from the comfort of your own home! Head to our facebook events page here to grab your spot!

In person: We teach classes from our home in the North Bondi, sometimes a coffee shop or a park, and in lounge rooms all across Australia (maybe even yours!).

Ready to dive straight in and get Essential Oils into your life? Head right over here.

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